The video game industry has gone pretty bonkers over the last month or so! It usually does at this time of year. As Christmas beckons all the companies try to get their amazing games on the shelves so that everyone can have them wrapped under the christmas tree.

With the release of the highly anticipated Gears of War 3 just over a month ago, and then the big battle of CoD: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 taking place as we speak, you would think that any other game would hide in the shadows. Wrong. I give to you, Skyrim!

Game – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Developer – Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher – Bethesda Softworks
Platforms – PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Genre – Action Role Playing
Rating – PEGI 18
Release Date – 11/11/11 

If you are not aware of The Elder Scrolls series, then you should be shot in the kneecap and thrown in a quick sand pit. If you survive and read this, then let me tell you that this is the 5th in the series (hence the V in the name, it’s actually a Roman numeral I’ll have you know!) and it has been an ever growing community!

Since the release of Oblivion (4th) making it on cross platforms, the series has extended its reach to a larger audience, and the anticipation of the new Skyrim has been mindblowing! Facebook is full of people bragging about losing their life already to this game, either that or they are swearing at delivery companies for not getting their copy to them in time!

I shall slay you dragon!

One of the main changes of Skyrim seems to be the character development. In previous games of the series you are asked to choose a class and setup your characters path from the start, but in Skyrim it seems to be more about developing your character during your adventure, this is good if you cannot choose what type of class you want to be. Personally I always like to have some kind of preview of what the classes are like before putting my whole commitment to the class, therefore I think this is a good addition to the game.

This is the type of adventure game that will take your life away, it’s a very long game, and it gets even longer if you are the type of player that wonders the land aimlessly looking for creatures to slay, or dungeons to explore.

What beautiful blue eyes you have...

Unfortunately I do not own this game, or I would not be writing this blog post quite frankly. You will know if your friends have bought the game, as they will disappear off the face of the earth for the whole weekend and when they do re-appear they will have bigger bags under their eyes than the giant panda!

What I can be certain of is that when I do pick up my copy of Skyrim, I will cherish the stunning graphics and locations, and trying to explore every single corner of the game so that I do not miss anything, because this is one game you do not want to miss out on! I know I’m pretty miffed right now that I don’t have a copy!

Chiropractor Aftermath

November 11, 2011

You know when you get warned about something and you acknowledge it, but when it actually happens you start freaking out regardless? Yeah, I’m starting to get that right now from the aftermath of what that nasty man did to me!

I’ve spent all day making sure my posture has been right at work, raising the chair, changing the angle of the chair, changing the back of the chair….all to make sure that my back is straight, and that my neck is being supported by the rest of my body. It’s all been alright until towards the end, but my collerbone has started to really ache. I’ve been warned that there will be some soreness after the treatment, but I start raising my own concerns by repeating the obvious in my head.

“He’s adjusted my back, why am I still hurting? This is not meant to happen! I’m meant to be fixed!”

By raising these concerns I make things worse, and I start to even doubt the treatment

“What if he’s made things worse? What if he is some kind of madman who wants to see young men in their underwear?! He probably isn’t even a Chiropractor!”

Thankfully, I’ve been able to gain control of my brain and body again and started to throw away any bad thoughts, but it doesn’t take away the pain. They always say “It will get better before they get worse” – let’s hope they are right!


If you are reading this, then you have probably clicked one of my links on either facebook, twitter, GPRO or any other sites it has appeared on. I WILL be doing these blogs regularly now, and I will keep to my word this time. I have started and stopped too many times now and I am going to be dedicated to carrying this on!

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There’s something very wrong in saying that today was the day I had to strip down to my boxers so that an elderly man can touch me in many places. I suppose that is the very wrong way to express this though, as it did happen but not in the way you’re thinking now you dirty beggers!

I have been having problems with my back lately…..well for a long time actually, but finally got myself to see a Chiropractor in the Isle of Wight. Watchbell House does not look like a Chiropractice from the outside, it just looks like a council house with a posh sign outside in all honesty. I walked in, 10 minutes late thanks to my lying phone, and was greeted by a man that was to be my chiropractor for the next hour or so. He’s not really an “elderly man” as I said earlier, but he was probably twice my age.

After 30 minutes of talking and trying to analyse what could have possibly been the reason for my back to be so painful, he was ready to assess the damage. This required to strip down to my boxers so that he could see my back and neck to see what was wrong. It was soon pretty obvious what was wrong.

When I went to the Chiropractor, I thought this was me:

Me entering Chirpractor

It was shortly into my assessment that I realised that the above picture would not stay the same again. As I sat upright and he scanned my spine a few times he informed me that my spine was curved. This was only a temporary curve though because when I leant forward the curve disappeared. Surely you probably think “then keep leaning forward then” – well, quite the opposite, the reason Im in so much pain is because of my bad posture. So now we’re looking at a picture like this:

Check out my curves!

Not good! Not quite the curves I was hoping for but never mind, I’m sure he could fix it right? Well, he told me to lie on my back and I was thinking “how can he assess my back if I’m lying on it?!” – well, he then check my pelvis, and then move towards my feet and kneels down. At this point I’m kind of nervous, mainly because I think feet are gods worst invention when it comes to humans, maybe apart from the appendix because they are really useful in a human right?! He then drops the second bombshell. “You’re left leg is about this much longer than the right leg”. By this he showed the distance with his thumb and finger, it was about an inch. A WHOLE INCH DIFFERENCE! I felt like my walk should have been so wonky that I deserved to have someone playing the Tuba behind me as I walked everywhere! (Family Guy reference 🙂 ).

This did not mean that one leg is in fact too long, it means that my pelvis was mis-aligned. So mis-aligned that one leg happened to be quite a bit lower than the other! Yeah, you know what I’m thinking, picture update:

Cant walk like this!

Of course, because of this difference I’ve bee made aware that my body will compensate for this change and will lean over to walk properly, another change to the picture:

oh.....NOW I can walk!

As you can see….that ain’t right otherwise id see the world on an angle! That’s where the joy of the neck pain comes into play, because the neck adjusts too! NEW PICTUUUURE:

Now I'm really pissed off!

Yeah, he made my day alright. I am quite concerned that if I really did look like the last picture….why on earth did my friends not tell me that I’m walking funnier than the hunchback of Notre dame?!

So after 30 minutes of adjustments, that cause my spine to straighten, my pelvis to go back to it’s normal form, I’m now back to my normal form!

It’s VERY important that I get a lot of things done from now on though, otherwise I will spend a fortune going back and forth from the Chiropractice. The main this is get my hamstring a lot more flexible, a LOT more flexible! This is the main reason my back has deteriorated so much since I quit football (still no regrets, shit sport!) On top of that I need to get my calfs more flexible also. These two are causing my body to forcefully stretch out of the posture I should be in. This will require contant stretching at work, he did show me one stretch but to be honest, it just looks too dirty to be performing this stretch at work, especially with the dirty minds that I happen to work with! I wouldnt hear the last of it if they saw me put my legs up and bending forward as much as I can whilst holding the back of my legs….I think you get where I’m going here!

I’m so glad I went to see the Chiropractor, he made me realise that my body was way worse than I thought it was, and if I wouldn’t have gone, it could have got a lot worse! Now all I have to do is make sure my seating position is good, and I constantly do my stretching everyday! *gulp*

I would like to take this time to thank my chiropractor, who did an amazing job! You gave me reasons to my pain that nobody else has managed previously!

Coffee is now essential!

November 8, 2011

Some kind of unkind man flu is trying to push its way into my system and I aint having none of it! Who needs paracetamol when you have COFFEE!! It’s like the superhero version of an aspirin.

Who needs superheroes?

Okay, well that’s what the aspirin would look like at least, no match for the coffee!

Regardless of this, I have a day off on Thursday to try and do the finer things in life…..see a chiropractor and repair the car. Although both are needed, and will help me in some ways, they are things that could have been avoided if I took more care in life, especially my back! There are still videos of me doing jackass on my computer that I thought was funny at the time, 8 years down the line I shake my fist at it going “what a jerk!”

Well, here’s to hoping that my illness wont spread any more, and that the chiropractor can find out what the hell is wrong with my back so she can fix it good and proper, wish I could get back into my sports like the good ol’ days!

Stupid Car…Just Go!

November 6, 2011

The title is pretty self explanatory, I posted about selling my Celica around May, and guess what, IT’S STILL HERE!! Sat in the driveway looking sorry for itself, that’s what it does best these days.

Just to add to it’s misery it’s been crying lately. And by crying I mean losing power steering fluid, so none of the crying that deserves a bit of sympathy. The type of crying you want to give it a good kick and say “you’re crying for nothing, get your act together!”. I wish it was that easy.

Instead, a trip to a garage to sort him (I suddenly decided it’s a boy) out is necessary. While I’m there they can try and fish out the power steering cap while they are there because I miiiiight have screwed up a little. What I might have done was try and refill the power steering fluid a little too hastily. As I rushed to get the cap off and place it on the engine, I might not have placed the cap very safely on the engine

*CLUNK* – Down it went, but it got stuck between two pipes, it was still in reach! Having driven a few minutes to pick up my colleague from the Hovercraft site it was still a bit hot, and the last thing I wanted was a burn trying to get it, so I was being ultra careful. Each tiny movement made my heart beat faster knowing that my smooth skin was at risk of being exterminated. As my finger drew closer to the cap, I twitched, hitting the cap and watch it fall ungracefully to the bottom of my car. I looked under the car, no cap. Japanese cars are brilliant for their reliability. They are also brilliant for imprisoning fallen objects that you drop near the engine, as there is a floor at the bottom that things can settle.

So now when I go to the garage I will have to hang my head in shame and admit that I’ve been a bit of an idiot, and ask them to nicely go and get my power steering cap whilst they repair my car. Unless it’s managed to wriggle out on some bumpy road in the Isle of Wight, now that would really make my day.

First of all, it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog, needless to say my life’s been a rollercoaster ride and everything has changed! I would have let you in on my life, but over a month of that time I did not have any internet, made it slightly hard to keep this up-to-date!

But I will fill you in on my changes some other time, because this is dedicated to the rugby!

Wales vs Samoa – 4:30am – Pool D

A must win game for both teams to keep their dream of a Quarter Final place alive, which will make this game one of the “ones to watch” for the group stages!

A big test for Wales to see if they can overcome the heartbreak of losing 17-16 to South Africa. Having played so well against the Boks, can they turn the defeat around and produce the same quality against Samoa?

Samoa have a big win behind them going into the match against Wales, beating Namibia 49-12. Although this might seem to give Samoa the upper hand, this could also make them complacent, and they cannot afford to let Wales run at them. Namibia managed to score 12 points against them, and this could be a big turning point as Wales will punish them if they give them too many chances.

On the other hand, Samoa are very physical, and will really give it their all to take down Wales. Having said that, Wales aren’t a push over when it comes to physique these days. You only need to see the crunching hits that even the backs, George North and Jamie Roberts can dish out lately to prove that Wales can go toe to toe with Samoa.

Expect a game that is going to push the forwards to the limits. There have been talks about how the Welsh team have improved and they look a better side now than they have in a while, but have they got rid of the bad habit that is playing poorly against weaker sides? Fiji and Samoa have always caused troubles for Wales in the past, and having both of them in the same group will certainly not help them. If they can play with the same intensity that they did against the Boks, I can’t see a way for Samoa to break through the Welsh defence.

I am staying up all night and morning to watch this game, which kicks off at 4:30am in British time. Let’s hope it lives up to it’s expectation!

How do you define “news” these days? I personally think it’s just a program on television that always talks about the horrible things that happen in the world.

What’s happened to all the good news? People accomplish wonderful things everyday but the news would rather give notice to the horrible murders and bombs and shit that happens in this world. It’s about time that the media adds a bit of positivity to this world! I don’t mean the horrible natural disasters that happen, these need to be covered in the news to try and raise awareness and gather help to get over such sad disasters.

The new scandal that’s got to me is the Imogen Thomas / Ryan Giggs situation, who has now been officially named by an MP according to the BBC. Let’s hope he has said something otherwise I will be losing my rights on freedom of speech!

Thankfully the fame of the band I was in called Gola Ola didn’t reach to a point of global fame, because it’s getting increasingly obviously that when you turn famous something happens to your hormones so that you cannot stay faithful any more! Seems to be even worse if you play football for Manchester United!

Men have always been to blame for “horrible happenings” when it comes to relationships, and the likes of Rooney and Giggsy does not help anything! Is it really that difficult to push off a woman when you are famous? Okay, so they might be absolutely stunning and have that amazing figure, but if you can’t keep your junk in your pants you shouldn’t be committing to a relationship! End of.

Bye Bye Celica!

May 22, 2011

Toyota Celica, a beautiful car and cheap way to get yourself into a sports car.

I have had the pleasure of owning and driving a Celica for four years, but times are tough, and due to financial difficulties I have had to put the car on sale. I’ve been lucky that the Celica has served me well, with no serious mechanical failures for the whole time I have owned it. After the sale I will approach to buy a Peugeot 206 HDi Eco, as tax only costs £30 and it does over 60mpg, which is very good with increasing fuel prices! How ridiculous is the current rise in fuel prices in the UK? Is it bad in other countries as well?

It is a sad but exciting time, sad because I have to downgrade my car to a Eco car which is 90bhp, exciting because it is a new car and I will have to get used to driving a diesel car.

Staying in Kristie’s house until tomorrow to see if her brother’s friend’s brother (haha!) wants to buy the car, this way I can get straight into action and get the Eco car as quickly as possible!

Birthday Bonanza!

May 18, 2011

What a mess….you know when you say “I’m going to just sit down and do my work and AFTER I’ll have a few drinks” – it never turns out that way does it?!

Put it this way, writing a presentation at 1am when really drunk after playing Ring of Fire is very interesting, can’t wait to see the mark for that presentation because people seemed to mention that it worked, even though I was pretty smashed writing that! It was for a good cause though because it was my birthday yesterday! Twenty-Five…..I swear that’s not right, I still act like a teenager!

So after 3 hours sleep and a very long lecture I had to drive to Warwick, where I am lying in bed in a cosy cottage style B&B, I like it! We had to walk over a field to get to the pub / restaurant which was strange but it’s really awesome here!

Tomorrow I’m going to do some filming in the offices of Codemasters in Leamington Spa, I really can’t wait! Should be interesting as I have worked with TT Games for so long and never seen another game studio, time to compare! 🙂

No…I’m not single, but I did have to wave goodbye to Kristie as she embarked on the train journey back down to Treforest. Sad times. She is going back to Reading tomorrow and hopefully be training up to be a hairdresser, so it’s for a good cause! 🙂 it’s alright because she will be coming back to Wrexham in July where we hope to move in together, good times.

The other thing that’s happening is that I have to now sell my car due to it being too expensive to keep. I’m turning 25 tomorrow and the car insurance doesn’t change because my Toyota Celica is just too high on the insurance, therefore it’s a sad decision, but I have to sell it! Just looking for an economical car now, don’t care how fast it goes as long as it saves me the moneyz!

Seriously need to clean my room too!  Damn room inspections tomorrow, as if I don’t have enough on my plate already without having to worry about how my bedroom looks!

Will write more exciting things soon, trying to give a quick update daily now. So much to do, so little time!