Here I go again on my own!

May 16, 2011

No…I’m not single, but I did have to wave goodbye to Kristie as she embarked on the train journey back down to Treforest. Sad times. She is going back to Reading tomorrow and hopefully be training up to be a hairdresser, so it’s for a good cause! 🙂 it’s alright because she will be coming back to Wrexham in July where we hope to move in together, good times.

The other thing that’s happening is that I have to now sell my car due to it being too expensive to keep. I’m turning 25 tomorrow and the car insurance doesn’t change because my Toyota Celica is just too high on the insurance, therefore it’s a sad decision, but I have to sell it! Just looking for an economical car now, don’t care how fast it goes as long as it saves me the moneyz!

Seriously need to clean my room too!  Damn room inspections tomorrow, as if I don’t have enough on my plate already without having to worry about how my bedroom looks!

Will write more exciting things soon, trying to give a quick update daily now. So much to do, so little time!


One Response to “Here I go again on my own!”

  1. Long distance relationships? Those are difficult my friend…I feel for you! But like you said, it is for a good cause meaning it’s a small sacrifice for better things ahead!

    Take care.

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