Birthday Bonanza!

May 18, 2011

What a mess….you know when you say “I’m going to just sit down and do my work and AFTER I’ll have a few drinks” – it never turns out that way does it?!

Put it this way, writing a presentation at 1am when really drunk after playing Ring of Fire is very interesting, can’t wait to see the mark for that presentation because people seemed to mention that it worked, even though I was pretty smashed writing that! It was for a good cause though because it was my birthday yesterday! Twenty-Five…..I swear that’s not right, I still act like a teenager!

So after 3 hours sleep and a very long lecture I had to drive to Warwick, where I am lying in bed in a cosy cottage style B&B, I like it! We had to walk over a field to get to the pub / restaurant which was strange but it’s really awesome here!

Tomorrow I’m going to do some filming in the offices of Codemasters in Leamington Spa, I really can’t wait! Should be interesting as I have worked with TT Games for so long and never seen another game studio, time to compare! 🙂


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