Wales vs Samoa – Up all night!

September 18, 2011

First of all, it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog, needless to say my life’s been a rollercoaster ride and everything has changed! I would have let you in on my life, but over a month of that time I did not have any internet, made it slightly hard to keep this up-to-date!

But I will fill you in on my changes some other time, because this is dedicated to the rugby!

Wales vs Samoa – 4:30am – Pool D

A must win game for both teams to keep their dream of a Quarter Final place alive, which will make this game one of the “ones to watch” for the group stages!

A big test for Wales to see if they can overcome the heartbreak of losing 17-16 to South Africa. Having played so well against the Boks, can they turn the defeat around and produce the same quality against Samoa?

Samoa have a big win behind them going into the match against Wales, beating Namibia 49-12. Although this might seem to give Samoa the upper hand, this could also make them complacent, and they cannot afford to let Wales run at them. Namibia managed to score 12 points against them, and this could be a big turning point as Wales will punish them if they give them too many chances.

On the other hand, Samoa are very physical, and will really give it their all to take down Wales. Having said that, Wales aren’t a push over when it comes to physique these days. You only need to see the crunching hits that even the backs, George North and Jamie Roberts can dish out lately to prove that Wales can go toe to toe with Samoa.

Expect a game that is going to push the forwards to the limits. There have been talks about how the Welsh team have improved and they look a better side now than they have in a while, but have they got rid of the bad habit that is playing poorly against weaker sides? Fiji and Samoa have always caused troubles for Wales in the past, and having both of them in the same group will certainly not help them. If they can play with the same intensity that they did against the Boks, I can’t see a way for Samoa to break through the Welsh defence.

I am staying up all night and morning to watch this game, which kicks off at 4:30am in British time. Let’s hope it lives up to it’s expectation!


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