Coffee is now essential!

November 8, 2011

Some kind of unkind man flu is trying to push its way into my system and I aint having none of it! Who needs paracetamol when you have COFFEE!! It’s like the superhero version of an aspirin.

Who needs superheroes?

Okay, well that’s what the aspirin would look like at least, no match for the coffee!

Regardless of this, I have a day off on Thursday to try and do the finer things in life…..see a chiropractor and repair the car. Although both are needed, and will help me in some ways, they are things that could have been avoided if I took more care in life, especially my back! There are still videos of me doing jackass on my computer that I thought was funny at the time, 8 years down the line I shake my fist at it going “what a jerk!”

Well, here’s to hoping that my illness wont spread any more, and that the chiropractor can find out what the hell is wrong with my back so she can fix it good and proper, wish I could get back into my sports like the good ol’ days!


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