There is no doubt about the fact that I love tennis. I love playing it and I love watching it when I get the chance.

When Murray has been on such top form since his defeat in the major final a few months back it was impossible to miss a match between Murray and Nadal on clay surface, Nadal being unbeaten in the Monte Carlo Masters since 2003. He might not have taken part in 2004, but he has won every single match in this tournament from 2005-2010, very impressive!

Andy Murray VS Rafael Nadal – Monte Carlo Masters, Semi Finals, 2011

It was a real shame to hear that Murray had to delay the start of the match due to an elbow injury, apparently he just woke up and felt his elbow hurting. Yeah, I know, there will probably be a lot of dirty jokes based on that!

A really exhilarating match that got me pausing my Xbox 360 game constantly to watch, they were both on form. They both brokeeach others serves several times in the first set until Nadal takes the first set 6-4

Nadal 1 – 0 Murray

Nadal 6 – 4 Murray

From previous experience you would think this is possibly the end of the match, playing against the king of clay court, having a 178-6 win-loss record since 2005. But no, Murray wasn’t done yet, and showed a lot of battle as the second set was very demanding. The 2nd and 4th games went to Deuce and boy, were they tough!  The 4th game went to Deuce 11 before Murray could win the game, and not without saving 5 game points! He then battled on to win the set 6-2.

Nadal 1 – 1 Murray

Nadal 6-4  2-6 Murray

This is heating up to be one EPIC semi final…..or so we thought. It was very soon into the 3rd set that the elbow injury was taking it’s toll. Having held up for 2 very demanding sets the elbow was taking a beating, especially with Nadal’s famous forehands smashing against his racket so fast that it must be grinding his elbow slowly. Murray went 2-1 down and asked to have medical treatment, in which the umpire declined due to it being a “previous injury”. This was a massive blow for Murray and you could see this in his expression as he was clearly annoyed that he could not receive any medical treatment, and was clearly in pain. The amazing match had suddenly turned one sided, as Nadal took full advantage of the injury and smashed his way to a 6-1 win

Nadal 2 – 1 Murray

Nadal 6-4   2-6   6-1 Murray

A shame to see the match end in such way, but it was really good to see Murray battling so hard to win against one of the toughest opponents ever to stand on a clay court.

Good to see you back on form Murray, now to find an excellent coach. There is talk about Tim Henman being his next coach….what do you all think of that? Good or bad for Murray? Would love to hear your views, please comment below!