The video game industry has gone pretty bonkers over the last month or so! It usually does at this time of year. As Christmas beckons all the companies try to get their amazing games on the shelves so that everyone can have them wrapped under the christmas tree.

With the release of the highly anticipated Gears of War 3 just over a month ago, and then the big battle of CoD: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 taking place as we speak, you would think that any other game would hide in the shadows. Wrong. I give to you, Skyrim!

Game – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Developer – Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher – Bethesda Softworks
Platforms – PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Genre – Action Role Playing
Rating – PEGI 18
Release Date – 11/11/11 

If you are not aware of The Elder Scrolls series, then you should be shot in the kneecap and thrown in a quick sand pit. If you survive and read this, then let me tell you that this is the 5th in the series (hence the V in the name, it’s actually a Roman numeral I’ll have you know!) and it has been an ever growing community!

Since the release of Oblivion (4th) making it on cross platforms, the series has extended its reach to a larger audience, and the anticipation of the new Skyrim has been mindblowing! Facebook is full of people bragging about losing their life already to this game, either that or they are swearing at delivery companies for not getting their copy to them in time!

I shall slay you dragon!

One of the main changes of Skyrim seems to be the character development. In previous games of the series you are asked to choose a class and setup your characters path from the start, but in Skyrim it seems to be more about developing your character during your adventure, this is good if you cannot choose what type of class you want to be. Personally I always like to have some kind of preview of what the classes are like before putting my whole commitment to the class, therefore I think this is a good addition to the game.

This is the type of adventure game that will take your life away, it’s a very long game, and it gets even longer if you are the type of player that wonders the land aimlessly looking for creatures to slay, or dungeons to explore.

What beautiful blue eyes you have...

Unfortunately I do not own this game, or I would not be writing this blog post quite frankly. You will know if your friends have bought the game, as they will disappear off the face of the earth for the whole weekend and when they do re-appear they will have bigger bags under their eyes than the giant panda!

What I can be certain of is that when I do pick up my copy of Skyrim, I will cherish the stunning graphics and locations, and trying to explore every single corner of the game so that I do not miss anything, because this is one game you do not want to miss out on! I know I’m pretty miffed right now that I don’t have a copy!


The trip to Ponty was….interesting to say the least! To start off, it was raining, but I was so determined to get myself amongst the fresh air for as long as possible therefore I decided to brave it and walk to Ponty. In fairness it wasn’t such a bad idea as the rain seemed to fade away pretty soon after I had embarked on my journey for ultimate finances!

So yeah I got to Ponty, Nintendo Wii and co in my bag to take to Cash Generators, and the ebay auction winnings also amongst these. As I got to the traffic lights outside the train station a couple of chavs wielding a dog on a leesh, a pitbull to be precise, gathered with us innocent bystanders, waiting for the green man to wave us across the road. The moment the green man appeared the people seemed to hastily cross the road….I wonder why!

About 100 yards later the two chavs and their beast had managed to get in front of me by quite a distance, possibly intentionally on my behalf, but only in order for me to witness the atrocious event. The pitbull decided to stop in the middle of the road and raise its backbone. I knew instantly what was going on as the big pile of poo appeared underneath his dirty behind! And guess what…..after the dog was finished, they walked away! Now, if these guys didn’t look like they would stab me the moment I said “Hello” I probably would have said something, but I do saviour my life.

I managed to post my Wii game and Student Finance stuff before heading to Cash Generators, and managed to get a decent £48 for my Wii, which was accompanied by such classic games as Call of Duty 3, Mario Strikers Charged Football and a Learning Spanish game…..yeah, not so good huh!

I’ve just managed to put two expensive items on sale on eBay now that is collection only, and still in Llanfairpwll so when they sell, good communication with my dad is needed to make the transaction as smooth as possible. High five to my dad for agreeing to help me out with that! 🙂

Anyway……QUESTION TIME!!! And if you read this, please reply below, I’m intruiged what you guys will say and I will let you guys know what I think of them.

If you could do anything to the couple of chavs that let their dog poo on the road, and get away with it, what would you do??

Please leave comments to answer the question.

Yours truly

I told you all about my trip to Aldi’s yesterday, well this is one of the buys we did there and ooooooh my word it’s pure sexyness in a box….in a bowl… ma bellyyyyyyyy!! It’s chocolate cookies in milk….as a cereal! Now I always had the thought in my head that a cereal is meant to be the “healthy start to the day” method of eating, so I would hate to know my diet now that I’ve eaten this monster cereal!

Anyway, now that the excitement of breakfast has faded away, my plan for today is to go post the Wii game that I sold on ebay yesterday, the book stays because he hasn’t paid yet, even though it was only £1 + postage! Foolish mortal. Also I’m going to take my Nintendo Wii into Cash Generator and get some money for it and then I’m going to look into purchasing a Xbox Kinect, oh yes!! A lot of people are trading their Kinect in already, which is madness because they haven’t even given the thing a chance yet. The Xbox 360 was a disappointment on release, but look at it now, give it a chance people! It’s pure entertainment in a bar thing!

Off I go to enjoy the….fresh oxygen and walk to Ponty. Was also informed by my friend Lizz that Ian Watkins lives in Ponty, I only got told that cuz she read my blog and mentioned Ponty and she was like “OH MY WORD YOU ARE NEAR PONTY, THATS WHERE IAN WATKINS LIVES!” – slight obsession much there. I love Lostprophets too but at times they seem a bit too american lately, but still love ’em

This was meant to be short, I talk too much. Thanks to everyone who’s reading my blogs so far, it warms my heart knowing I’ve had more than 150 hits already, even one from Singapore and Australia, hope you’ve subscribed to see how mad the welsh are! 😀

Ciao for now peeps!


April 12, 2011

In times of need….thou saviour can only be one person, or thing…..and that is EBAY!

If I don’t think something will sell well in Cash Generators, I move on to my second friend that is eBay. I have just sold a Wii game for £19 that I’ve seen being sold as Used in Game for £15. SCORE!! Now for the bad news, I just sold my £10 book of “Haynes Citroen Saxo – Guide to modification” and the son of a…..well it sold for £1, thankfully there was another £2.99 added for delivery or I would be bashing my head against a brick wall at this moment! But I think the biggest thing about the book is that it felt dirty in my presence, so really I would probably pay someone to take it off me because at least then it gets rid of the “dirty chavvy boy racer” status that is currently surrounding the room like a bad smell that never goes away!

I tell you another thing that’s like a smell that never goes away, my girlfriend!! Okay I’m kidding, I really shouldn’t bully her today because she has been home all day suffering with her stomach pains again. She was meant to be working on The Moore Show again today as a make up artist but as some of the guest speakers had pulled out of the show, they told her to stay at home and recover properly ready for tomorrow, as apparently they have “a big TV company” coming in to watch their filming (I’m not risking saying their name, in case the copyright people start writing cheques that my ass can’t cash…..but basically, it’s not BBC, BBC 2, Channel 4 or Channel 5… do the working out!)

Again been kicking some Fable 2 ass, getting to the closing stages of the game now and it’s really gripping. Didn’t think I would get so hooked to the game, but luckily I managed to get myself off the game to do some assignment work and also make a visit with Kristie to the best discovery ever….well, second to ebay that is….and thats ALDI!

I have always known they were a cheap place to shop, but I really underestimated them! I feel embarrassed to have walked past the shop in order to go to Sainsbury’s for the whole time I’ve been to Uni! I spent about £30 there with Kristie (which includes a £4 plant and a knitting kit….I know…my girlfriend is trying to act the age that I am! 😉 ) and I still came out with a full trolley of stuff! Seriously, check it out if you haven’t already and you need to save the pennies!

Tomorrow is bursary day, oh maaaaan if only I could just go out and get drunk, instead I have to be a good boy and save up *YUCK!* – my loan is coming through at the start of May and hopefully that will get me through till I get a job over the summer! If only they were that easy to get!

OK I wanna get you guys involved now, answer me this simple question…..

If you were to get a £2000 loan tomorrow….what would be the first thing you bought and why?!


Cheers for reading

P.S rememeber to keep checking this out and register with me! I WILL be active and the reads will get better as the days go by, I promise! Also, if you got any suggestions for my blogs, please message me or let me know somehow, I do listen to your voices 🙂

Hello companions! I’m afraid this eventful day really did end up turning into a massive slobfest of staying in bed watching a couple of films….and maybe a bit of Fable 2 playing as well. Just to clarify, I’m playing Fable 2 as quickly as I can so that I can move on to Fable 3, as well have borrowed that from Kristie’s brother and need to finish 2 before I start 3. If there is something I hate doing, is playing any sequels to games before playing the original, especially if the story is linked. Same goes for films, it’s an absolute pet hate! (Star Wars can be excluded due to the big debate of what order should you really watch them)

So yesterday was a very interesting day for me and for Kristie for different reasons. Kristie went to her workplace, which is some voluntary work as a make up artist on a show called The Moore Show. Some people might recognize this as a radio show that is broadcasted through the UK, well they have decided to expand to the television. They had some very interesting people in to film with them, and Kristie really enjoyed her day at work, I won’t say too much about this because I’m not sure what I am allowed to say, so your best bet is to check her own blogs that she is writing right heeeeeere
I went for a stroll to Pontypridd with my notepad and pen and decided to write some lyrics for a song in the basking sun. Absolutely loved sizzling in the sun whilst writing songs, the weather has been so amazing and it would have been a crime not to be out enjoying it. I haven’t put any music to the lyrics yet, but I’ll fill you peeps in when this does occur.
Cash Generators – Something that I have overlooked in the past but do I regret snobbing them so far. I was going to put my Nintendo Wii on ebay until i realized how rubbishly cheap they sell for recently, so decided to check with the Cash Generators how much I’d get, £30-£40. Now this does not include the extra wiimote and nunchuk, or the 3 games I have with it so it saves putting up an auction, sending the console and by doing it this way I get the money instantly, brilliant! There will be a lot of dirty people there with no manners, as you would expect, but if you can overlook all of that it’s brilliant in order to get a few quids for your unwanted electronics
“Your junk is someone else’s treasure!” – I always believe in this, especially after selling my useless wireless adapter for a PC for £4 when i almost put it in the bin.
Now for the ultimate in money saving techniques whilst achieving a delicious meal is this bad boy, Asda Smart Price Curry Sauce. Twice in a row we’ve cooked a Chicken Curry with Rice, which we managed to get a 5kg bag of rice in a Chinese shop in Treforest for £5, if anybody is around the area I would highly recommend this shop as it’s A-MAZING! But seriously, all we did was cook some chicken in a wok (a frying pan will do) with some oil, put some mushrooms in when the chicken gets a bit brown and then add the sauce once the chicken has browned quite thoroughly. Cook this until its “piping hot” as the labels like to say and try and get the rice ready at the same time, which is a skill in itself!
Oh yeah, the films, almost forgot! Watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno last night and it was hilarious! Definitely my type of comedy and found several parts of the film hysterical! I would highly recommend this film to anyone with a dirty sense of humour, as there is a lot of sexual nature….what were you expecting, they’re making a frickin porno! And today we watched Ghost to begin, mainly because it is related to Kristie’s day at work yesterday (no, I won’t say any more, check her blog! :P) and I really enjoyed it! Totally brings out the best of Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and the mighty Whoopi Goldberg, another highly recommended film, especially if you believe in ghosts! 😀 The third and final film I watched was The Sweetest Thing. Before you start shouting “GAAAAY!” I would like to state that I was playing Fable 2 at the same time….not that I haven’t watched this film throughout before already though :/ (now you have the right to shout GAAAAY!) Even after saying that there are some hilarious bits in the film, has a typical chick flick storyline that is catchy with a few twists. Once again this has the dirty comedy to it, and even has a Penis Song sung by the stars of the DVD, which includes Cameron Diaz, Thomas Jane and Christina Applegate…which look absolutely stunning in the film! Total eye candyyy! 🙂
Kristie is back to work tomorrow so I will need to go out and find something to do, any suggestions? And a big thanks to everyone who’s checking out my blogs, much appreciated and I hope I don’t bore you to death with ma shizz, I will be plugging the blog on more places as I go along but facebook will do for now.
Ciao for now!
P.S – Liam and his crew from my Uni Halls are currently taking part in a 50 hour staying awake webshow, seriously check them out because they are raising money for a good cause (Japanese Quake and Lepra Charity) whilst being nutters on cam!