Yeah yeah yeeeeeeeeah I’m starting a new thing called “YouTube Friday” and it’s simple, I’m going to be giving a big plug to someone from YouTube every week which have really impressed me. There are a LOT of really funny YouTube’ers out there and every week I’m going to shine a light on one in particular, because when I start my YouTube channel I would like to think other people would do the same for me if they liked my channel and thought I was funny.


This dude has been making me laugh so much the last couple of days because he is just absolutely hilarious! The best way to describe his humour is like a kind of silly / childish humour, where he has his strops. He usually has a co-star in Rick, and they are the perfect double act! Taking away Rick from his videos would be like locking Ant in a basement and telling Dec to try and host a show on his own. Yes, he is that influential, even though Rick doesn’t have his own YouTube page (he does, but no uploads to the site)

There is a serious side to “Timmy” as well, in the last month he has visited Haiti with the charity and Haiti Outreach in order to raise awareness and raise money for both charities, and has done a YouTube video based on his trip there. Watch this if you get a chance, the video is called “Don’t Drink That!!!” and it’s brilliant.

After he came back from Haiti he made a video to get people to buy a song from one of his video’s, and all the money that is made from the selling of the song on iTunes goes towards helping the quake disaster in Japan, which I think is a brilliant thing to do, and good on him, it’s what makes this guy so genuine!

He is also a very good rapper and musician (as if he didn’t have enough talent already?!) and has some music videos that are both serious and funny. Also to add to his arsenal of talents he is part of the massive YouTube team that is “TheStation” – if you are not aware of who TheStation are then you should dig your head into a pillow and scream abuse at yourself!  They are a collection of the leading YouTube’ers that have come together to start making funny clips for TheStation, but I’m sure I will cover that in the future.

So there it is, my first YouTube shout out! I will be doing this every Friday to spread the word about these amazing people that bring happiness and laughter on YouTube! If you don’t know what you are searching for, sometimes it’s hard to find these good people on YouTube, so hopefully I will be able to help you all discover the best of YouTube!

So until next week.
Bye Youtube’ers!!