Bye Bye Celica!

May 22, 2011

Toyota Celica, a beautiful car and cheap way to get yourself into a sports car.

I have had the pleasure of owning and driving a Celica for four years, but times are tough, and due to financial difficulties I have had to put the car on sale. I’ve been lucky that the Celica has served me well, with no serious mechanical failures for the whole time I have owned it. After the sale I will approach to buy a Peugeot 206 HDi Eco, as tax only costs £30 and it does over 60mpg, which is very good with increasing fuel prices! How ridiculous is the current rise in fuel prices in the UK? Is it bad in other countries as well?

It is a sad but exciting time, sad because I have to downgrade my car to a Eco car which is 90bhp, exciting because it is a new car and I will have to get used to driving a diesel car.

Staying in Kristie’s house until tomorrow to see if her brother’s friend’s brother (haha!) wants to buy the car, this way I can get straight into action and get the Eco car as quickly as possible!


Birthday Bonanza!

May 18, 2011

What a mess….you know when you say “I’m going to just sit down and do my work and AFTER I’ll have a few drinks” – it never turns out that way does it?!

Put it this way, writing a presentation at 1am when really drunk after playing Ring of Fire is very interesting, can’t wait to see the mark for that presentation because people seemed to mention that it worked, even though I was pretty smashed writing that! It was for a good cause though because it was my birthday yesterday! Twenty-Five…..I swear that’s not right, I still act like a teenager!

So after 3 hours sleep and a very long lecture I had to drive to Warwick, where I am lying in bed in a cosy cottage style B&B, I like it! We had to walk over a field to get to the pub / restaurant which was strange but it’s really awesome here!

Tomorrow I’m going to do some filming in the offices of Codemasters in Leamington Spa, I really can’t wait! Should be interesting as I have worked with TT Games for so long and never seen another game studio, time to compare! 🙂

No…I’m not single, but I did have to wave goodbye to Kristie as she embarked on the train journey back down to Treforest. Sad times. She is going back to Reading tomorrow and hopefully be training up to be a hairdresser, so it’s for a good cause! 🙂 it’s alright because she will be coming back to Wrexham in July where we hope to move in together, good times.

The other thing that’s happening is that I have to now sell my car due to it being too expensive to keep. I’m turning 25 tomorrow and the car insurance doesn’t change because my Toyota Celica is just too high on the insurance, therefore it’s a sad decision, but I have to sell it! Just looking for an economical car now, don’t care how fast it goes as long as it saves me the moneyz!

Seriously need to clean my room too!  Damn room inspections tomorrow, as if I don’t have enough on my plate already without having to worry about how my bedroom looks!

Will write more exciting things soon, trying to give a quick update daily now. So much to do, so little time!

Unplanned Inactivity

May 15, 2011

Yeah, so I haven’t posted anything for a while, and for that I apologize!

It’s been a roller-coaster ride the last month, from moving back up to Wrexham after my unsuccessful work placement (I will blog about this soon, I promise!) to having to take Kristie to hospital to try and finally get a proper diagnosis of her tummy ache that she’s been having for over a year now! (Damn you NHS for being so damn stupid!) For anyone outside the UK reading this, the NHS is our health care service that is in a state of emergency at the moment (see what I did there! :P). Seriously, the NHS needs a massive shake up because they don’t seem to even care about their patients.

I have a lot of Uni work to finish, but I’m going to try and get extra time to finish my work, can do so with “mitigated circumstances” (i think). With being back and forth from the hospital it’s been impossible to get work done!

I’ll blog about how things are with Kristie, and about my work placement very soon!

Keep the faith

So me and Kristie has been up to no good… the kitchen before you insinuate anything! Yes indeed, we been trying to think of ways to make delicious meals for cheap in order to save money, so we decided to look into recipes online and then share with you lovely people who read my blog! See….we try and give something back to you peeps, your views, for our cooking tips!

Creamy Cheese, Leek and Potato Bake

A layer of potatoes, topped with a leeks and creamy cheese sauce, with a layer of grated cheese on top!


  • 6 Big Potatoes
  • 2 Large Leeks
  • Block of cheese, grated, personally we used Mature Cheddar
  • 3 Tablespoons Flour
  • 500ml Milk
  • Block of Butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mixed Herbs of your choice
  • Large oven dish
  • Cooking pot
Cooking Instructions
  1. Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into very thin pieces, these needs to be thin in order for the potatoes to cook properly. Place the potatoes along the bottom of the large oven dish (as demonstrated by my lovely girlfriend 😀 )
  2. Chop the leeks and spread them along the top of the potatoes
  3. Get a cooking pot and heat it up on the hob. Place the block of butter into the pot and mix in the milk. Stir until the butter is melted into the milk. Then add the flour slowly and keep stirring to prevent any lumps and until the sauce is smooth.
  4. Add half of the grated cheese into the mix and keep stirring until the cheese has melted.
  5. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and some mixed herbs (these are optional, add accordingly to your own taste)
  6. Pour the sauce evenly over the leeks and potatoes in the oven dish, and then add the rest of the grated cheese on top, should look something like the picture below
  7. Pre-heat the oven to 180c and place the large oven dish in the oven for 35-40 minutes. The food is ready when the top has browned, and that you can pierce through the potatoes easily with a fork
We boiled some green beans and cauliflower as a side dish with the food and it was remarkable! The only thing we would possibly do differently is put the leeks in with the sauce, and pour them on top of the potatoes, that way the sauce will spread more evenly.
It’s a pretty easy dish to make, and its very healthy. I didn’t think I liked leeks until my mum made me eat Cheesy Leeks and thought it was very yummy, and that has lead me to doing this recipe! If you try this at home, please comment and let me know what you think of it, or if you want to suggest any changes to the bake that could add a cool twist to it!

There is no doubt about the fact that I love tennis. I love playing it and I love watching it when I get the chance.

When Murray has been on such top form since his defeat in the major final a few months back it was impossible to miss a match between Murray and Nadal on clay surface, Nadal being unbeaten in the Monte Carlo Masters since 2003. He might not have taken part in 2004, but he has won every single match in this tournament from 2005-2010, very impressive!

Andy Murray VS Rafael Nadal – Monte Carlo Masters, Semi Finals, 2011

It was a real shame to hear that Murray had to delay the start of the match due to an elbow injury, apparently he just woke up and felt his elbow hurting. Yeah, I know, there will probably be a lot of dirty jokes based on that!

A really exhilarating match that got me pausing my Xbox 360 game constantly to watch, they were both on form. They both brokeeach others serves several times in the first set until Nadal takes the first set 6-4

Nadal 1 – 0 Murray

Nadal 6 – 4 Murray

From previous experience you would think this is possibly the end of the match, playing against the king of clay court, having a 178-6 win-loss record since 2005. But no, Murray wasn’t done yet, and showed a lot of battle as the second set was very demanding. The 2nd and 4th games went to Deuce and boy, were they tough!  The 4th game went to Deuce 11 before Murray could win the game, and not without saving 5 game points! He then battled on to win the set 6-2.

Nadal 1 – 1 Murray

Nadal 6-4  2-6 Murray

This is heating up to be one EPIC semi final…..or so we thought. It was very soon into the 3rd set that the elbow injury was taking it’s toll. Having held up for 2 very demanding sets the elbow was taking a beating, especially with Nadal’s famous forehands smashing against his racket so fast that it must be grinding his elbow slowly. Murray went 2-1 down and asked to have medical treatment, in which the umpire declined due to it being a “previous injury”. This was a massive blow for Murray and you could see this in his expression as he was clearly annoyed that he could not receive any medical treatment, and was clearly in pain. The amazing match had suddenly turned one sided, as Nadal took full advantage of the injury and smashed his way to a 6-1 win

Nadal 2 – 1 Murray

Nadal 6-4   2-6   6-1 Murray

A shame to see the match end in such way, but it was really good to see Murray battling so hard to win against one of the toughest opponents ever to stand on a clay court.

Good to see you back on form Murray, now to find an excellent coach. There is talk about Tim Henman being his next coach….what do you all think of that? Good or bad for Murray? Would love to hear your views, please comment below!


Yeah yeah yeeeeeeeeah I’m starting a new thing called “YouTube Friday” and it’s simple, I’m going to be giving a big plug to someone from YouTube every week which have really impressed me. There are a LOT of really funny YouTube’ers out there and every week I’m going to shine a light on one in particular, because when I start my YouTube channel I would like to think other people would do the same for me if they liked my channel and thought I was funny.


This dude has been making me laugh so much the last couple of days because he is just absolutely hilarious! The best way to describe his humour is like a kind of silly / childish humour, where he has his strops. He usually has a co-star in Rick, and they are the perfect double act! Taking away Rick from his videos would be like locking Ant in a basement and telling Dec to try and host a show on his own. Yes, he is that influential, even though Rick doesn’t have his own YouTube page (he does, but no uploads to the site)

There is a serious side to “Timmy” as well, in the last month he has visited Haiti with the charity and Haiti Outreach in order to raise awareness and raise money for both charities, and has done a YouTube video based on his trip there. Watch this if you get a chance, the video is called “Don’t Drink That!!!” and it’s brilliant.

After he came back from Haiti he made a video to get people to buy a song from one of his video’s, and all the money that is made from the selling of the song on iTunes goes towards helping the quake disaster in Japan, which I think is a brilliant thing to do, and good on him, it’s what makes this guy so genuine!

He is also a very good rapper and musician (as if he didn’t have enough talent already?!) and has some music videos that are both serious and funny. Also to add to his arsenal of talents he is part of the massive YouTube team that is “TheStation” – if you are not aware of who TheStation are then you should dig your head into a pillow and scream abuse at yourself!  They are a collection of the leading YouTube’ers that have come together to start making funny clips for TheStation, but I’m sure I will cover that in the future.

So there it is, my first YouTube shout out! I will be doing this every Friday to spread the word about these amazing people that bring happiness and laughter on YouTube! If you don’t know what you are searching for, sometimes it’s hard to find these good people on YouTube, so hopefully I will be able to help you all discover the best of YouTube!

So until next week.
Bye Youtube’ers!!