Stupid Car…Just Go!

November 6, 2011

The title is pretty self explanatory, I posted about selling my Celica around May, and guess what, IT’S STILL HERE!! Sat in the driveway looking sorry for itself, that’s what it does best these days.

Just to add to it’s misery it’s been crying lately. And by crying I mean losing power steering fluid, so none of the crying that deserves a bit of sympathy. The type of crying you want to give it a good kick and say “you’re crying for nothing, get your act together!”. I wish it was that easy.

Instead, a trip to a garage to sort him (I suddenly decided it’s a boy) out is necessary. While I’m there they can try and fish out the power steering cap while they are there because I miiiiight have screwed up a little. What I might have done was try and refill the power steering fluid a little too hastily. As I rushed to get the cap off and place it on the engine, I might not have placed the cap very safely on the engine

*CLUNK* – Down it went, but it got stuck between two pipes, it was still in reach! Having driven a few minutes to pick up my colleague from the Hovercraft site it was still a bit hot, and the last thing I wanted was a burn trying to get it, so I was being ultra careful. Each tiny movement made my heart beat faster knowing that my smooth skin was at risk of being exterminated. As my finger drew closer to the cap, I twitched, hitting the cap and watch it fall ungracefully to the bottom of my car. I looked under the car, no cap. Japanese cars are brilliant for their reliability. They are also brilliant for imprisoning fallen objects that you drop near the engine, as there is a floor at the bottom that things can settle.

So now when I go to the garage I will have to hang my head in shame and admit that I’ve been a bit of an idiot, and ask them to nicely go and get my power steering cap whilst they repair my car. Unless it’s managed to wriggle out on some bumpy road in the Isle of Wight, now that would really make my day.


Bye Bye Celica!

May 22, 2011

Toyota Celica, a beautiful car and cheap way to get yourself into a sports car.

I have had the pleasure of owning and driving a Celica for four years, but times are tough, and due to financial difficulties I have had to put the car on sale. I’ve been lucky that the Celica has served me well, with no serious mechanical failures for the whole time I have owned it. After the sale I will approach to buy a Peugeot 206 HDi Eco, as tax only costs £30 and it does over 60mpg, which is very good with increasing fuel prices! How ridiculous is the current rise in fuel prices in the UK? Is it bad in other countries as well?

It is a sad but exciting time, sad because I have to downgrade my car to a Eco car which is 90bhp, exciting because it is a new car and I will have to get used to driving a diesel car.

Staying in Kristie’s house until tomorrow to see if her brother’s friend’s brother (haha!) wants to buy the car, this way I can get straight into action and get the Eco car as quickly as possible!