Chiropractor Aftermath

November 11, 2011

You know when you get warned about something and you acknowledge it, but when it actually happens you start freaking out regardless? Yeah, I’m starting to get that right now from the aftermath of what that nasty man did to me!

I’ve spent all day making sure my posture has been right at work, raising the chair, changing the angle of the chair, changing the back of the chair….all to make sure that my back is straight, and that my neck is being supported by the rest of my body. It’s all been alright until towards the end, but my collerbone has started to really ache. I’ve been warned that there will be some soreness after the treatment, but I start raising my own concerns by repeating the obvious in my head.

“He’s adjusted my back, why am I still hurting? This is not meant to happen! I’m meant to be fixed!”

By raising these concerns I make things worse, and I start to even doubt the treatment

“What if he’s made things worse? What if he is some kind of madman who wants to see young men in their underwear?! He probably isn’t even a Chiropractor!”

Thankfully, I’ve been able to gain control of my brain and body again and started to throw away any bad thoughts, but it doesn’t take away the pain. They always say “It will get better before they get worse” – let’s hope they are right!


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