How do you define “news” these days? I personally think it’s just a program on television that always talks about the horrible things that happen in the world.

What’s happened to all the good news? People accomplish wonderful things everyday but the news would rather give notice to the horrible murders and bombs and shit that happens in this world. It’s about time that the media adds a bit of positivity to this world! I don’t mean the horrible natural disasters that happen, these need to be covered in the news to try and raise awareness and gather help to get over such sad disasters.

The new scandal that’s got to me is the Imogen Thomas / Ryan Giggs situation, who has now been officially named by an MP according to the BBC. Let’s hope he has said something otherwise I will be losing my rights on freedom of speech!

Thankfully the fame of the band I was in called Gola Ola didn’t reach to a point of global fame, because it’s getting increasingly obviously that when you turn famous something happens to your hormones so that you cannot stay faithful any more! Seems to be even worse if you play football for Manchester United!

Men have always been to blame for “horrible happenings” when it comes to relationships, and the likes of Rooney and Giggsy does not help anything! Is it really that difficult to push off a woman when you are famous? Okay, so they might be absolutely stunning and have that amazing figure, but if you can’t keep your junk in your pants you shouldn’t be committing to a relationship! End of.